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What is awareness? It is an altered state of your consciousness that is in all dimensions and in all creation. It allows one to have access to all things based on its vibratory match. Your awareness will expand as you reach higher states of consciousness. We have awareness when we start on our journey that there is more to life. We seek to explore it further and it leads us to our path of spiritual evolvement. We can put our intention into our awareness, knowing and asking for more: hungry for knowledge and thirsty for expansion. We have the awareness that our existence is dualistic – both here in the now and also multidimensional; We seek to understand the knowledge of the universe. We do so knowing that the more we learn, the more there is to learn. As each door opens, there behind it lies many more to discover. Awareness leads us down this spiraling path. We bring with it the knowledge from our past, the guidance from our ancestors and the wisdom from our spirit guides and higher self. This exploration takes us down many paths, yet there is only one path that is YOUR journey. There is no wrong, no right. It only IS. And that is awareness.

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