“Only as one is willing to give up his present limitations and identity can he become that which he desires to be.”
― Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune




What is alchemy?

By now you may be asking “What is alchemy?” In Ancient times, Alchemy was used in Egypt and later in other Eastern civilizations, to transmute base metals into gold. Modern Alchemy is looked at more as a philosophy and way of life that can be used to create what you truly desire. It is a process for the seeker to free themselves of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts/emotions and other inhibitions. One can then be free to be happy and abundant.



"I had the pleasure of having a Past Life Regression with Avani and was amazed at the detail we were able to uncover, thanks to Avani’s guidance through the process. Having been told about an emotional block in my throat chakra from another lifetime, I set out to heal whatever needed healing. I had, what I thought, was a good handle on the lifetime, what I needed to know and had done what I felt was needed to heal. Even after that though, I kept being called and guided to find out more. So grateful I did. Avani’s questions guided me to discover more than I ever would have on my own as I literally ‘re-lived’ the important scenes from that lifetime. I’m not one to show emotions, but within the regression and even now, thinking about certain events from that lifetime, brings a tear to my eye. I recommend a visit with Avani, as you never know what lies deeply buried within and is ready to start healing. Excited for my next session with Avani, to see what else we can discover!"


"As I'm recalling my growth over the past few months, I am finding myself here, in this moment, writing to you. With having a few obstacles just out of my comfortability reach, I was open to receiving Hypnotherapy sessions. Without much knowledge other than movies, and general information, I was very much delighted in your detailed explanation of the process, and the initial Intake conversation. 2 sessions later, I am finding myself HERE, in the moment, writing to YOU. Words can't thank you enough for the help in not only overcoming obstacles, but in the after work too."


"I am beyond grateful to have a past life regression and an age regression session with Avani! She thoroughly explained the process and was very calming throughout the experiences. Her expertise kept me engaged and was able to ground me even though my ego mind wanted otherwise. With her help, I was able to discover the root cause of my allergy issues and the necessary steps to release them. I had no idea what I would discover and I’m so glad Avani was able to guide me through this process. She’s amazing and if anyone is hesitating about hypnotherapy, don’t! Trust Avani to transform your life into a more meaningful and purposeful one."


"Through a round of sessions with Avani, we were able to pinpoint a past life experience that was affecting me subconsciously, to the point that the baggage of trauma was affecting me daily. It was such a beautiful gift to see a lifetime where I was able to experience motherhood (which starkly contrasted the loss of a child I experienced in my current lifetime). If you want to energetically clear trauma or open the doors of perception to a past life to help resolve where your best, most authentic self is “getting stuck,” you will surely benefit from Avani’s professional guidance to access your past memories."


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