“Only as one is willing to give up his present limitations and identity can he become that which he desires to be.”
― Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune




What is alchemy?

By now you may be asking “What is alchemy?” In Ancient times, Alchemy was used in Egypt and later in other Eastern civilizations, to transmute base metals into gold. Modern Alchemy is looked at more as a philosophy and way of life that can be used to create what you truly desire. It is a process for the seeker to free themselves of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts/emotions and other inhibitions. One can then be free to be happy and abundant.



"I just had my final session of the Past Life Regression with Avani and it was amazing. I have had PLR’s in the past and even a more therapeutic version, but this was at a whole new level! I love that Avani takes a healing approach from the very beginning, identifying an issue that is holding you back in this current life. I feel like it focuses the time spent together on a practical result instead of just an entertaining experience. Both the current and past life regressions immediately honed in on life experiences directly related to the issue identified. During the sessions, Avani asks key questions and leads you to and through the pertinent points that life has to teach. Then, she even gives you a chance to spend time with guides to review the life and get a new perspective and advice to take with you and use immediately. And then in the final session, wow… Avani takes you through another experience entirely for healing and to break the bonds of time. It was incredible to feel the weight lifting and invisible bonds falling away. She even provided the opportunity to resolve any last karma before coming back awake and refreshed."


"I had the pleasure of having a Past Life Regression with Avani and was amazed at the detail we were able to uncover, thanks to Avani’s guidance through the process. Having been told about an emotional block in my throat chakra from another lifetime, I set out to heal whatever needed healing. I had, what I thought, was a good handle on the lifetime, what I needed to know and had done what I felt was needed to heal. Even after that though, I kept being called and guided to find out more. So grateful I did. Avani’s questions guided me to discover more than I ever would have on my own as I literally ‘re-lived’ the important scenes from that lifetime. I’m not one to show emotions, but within the regression and even now, thinking about certain events from that lifetime, brings a tear to my eye. I recommend a visit with Avani, as you never know what lies deeply buried within and is ready to start healing. Excited for my next session with Avani, to see what else we can discover!"


"As I'm recalling my growth over the past few months, I am finding myself here, in this moment, writing to you. With having a few obstacles just out of my comfortability reach, I was open to receiving Hypnotherapy sessions. Without much knowledge other than movies, and general information, I was very much delighted in your detailed explanation of the process, and the initial Intake conversation. 2 sessions later, I am finding myself HERE, in the moment, writing to YOU. Words can't thank you enough for the help in not only overcoming obstacles, but in the after work too."


"I am beyond grateful to have a past life regression and an age regression session with Avani! She thoroughly explained the process and was very calming throughout the experiences. Her expertise kept me engaged and was able to ground me even though my ego mind wanted otherwise. With her help, I was able to discover the root cause of my allergy issues and the necessary steps to release them. I had no idea what I would discover and I’m so glad Avani was able to guide me through this process. She’s amazing and if anyone is hesitating about hypnotherapy, don’t! Trust Avani to transform your life into a more meaningful and purposeful one."


I highly recommend working with Avani! I felt comfortable and safe in every session. She methodically guided me through experiences from past lives and this current lifetime to identify repeating patterns that had adversely affected me today. With her help, I was able to let go and release these pains and ultimately heal. Thank you!


"If you feel karmically stuck and drawn to hypnosis, the experience you have with Avani will be so impactful. I was in a place where a current-life trauma (loss of a child) was surfacing and causing emotional breakdowns and repeating thought patterns that were not in my highest good. Avani and I worked through this via a Past Life Regression, as well as a Lives Between Lives Session. After the PLR, I came out of the hypnotic state feeling refreshed and light, as if I had received answers and insight as to why I hadn't been able to shake my current emotional breakdown. I saw a past life in Scotland where I lost my dear daughter in an expedition that taught me that I had no control over the circumstance in either life and that my lack of confidence in decision making came from that experience. After the LBL, I felt a little disgruntled and tired, but it was because I had to face my higher self, my guides, and my soul council (so, many levels of higher and divine knowing) to gain the advice I needed to move forward on this timeline without being karmically weighed down. Avani is also very intentional about recommending the right type of hypnosis that will maximize what you can gain on a soul level from this experience. If you are ready to work deeply on yourself, this is the ideal experience, and Avani is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with."


“Wow! That’s what I would say in describing the PLR sessions with Avani. She has helped and guided me to go through the different phases of my soul so I was able to see how the fragments fit together for the patterns of this lifetime. With each of the PLR sessions, I broke away slowly from my shell of resistance so that the big transformation happened at the final phase where I let go and transmuted old energies and blockages that no longer serve me from previous lifetimes. The PLR sessions with Avani were like an adventure full of anticipation and discoveries to rearrange the fragments of my soul into more whole. I felt more at ease and comfortable sitting with myself and my soul’s purpose after the breakthrough. Thank you, Avani for your Divine gifts and skills in leading me through this healing of the soul journey. What an experience to be remembered!"


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