“Only as one is willing to give up his present limitations and identity can he become that which he desires to be.”

― Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune

Meet Avani

Avani is an international Life & Leadership Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapistwith the ability to intuitively guide others. At an early age, she began to search for purpose for herself and for humanity. Through her journey and aspirations, Avani ultimately created her reality to transmute what no longer served her. As she learned and incorporated the principles of Eastern philosophies with Western spirituality, she realized how alchemy has a fundamental approach to one’s life.

Through her skills and experience in Psychology, metaphysics and the corporate world, Avani is able to provide you with a balanced approach to your journey. As a Hypnotherapist, she helps others gain deep knowledge and understanding on their current issues to assists with resolutions. And as a Coach, she guides others to create their own realities and achieve personal fulfillment. Her goal is to inspire and empower her clients with tools to create peace and deep self-awareness. Avani’s heart-centered leadership will encourage you to align with your higher purpose. Start creating your life today!

Avani is a certified hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist and hypnotist through the internationally known Past Life Awakening Institute, which is accredited as a training provider by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

Are you ready to creating the reality you truly desire?


What is alchemy?

By now you may be asking “What is alchemy?” In Ancient times, Alchemy was used in Egypt and later in other Eastern civilizations, to transmute base metals into gold. Modern Alchemy is looked at more as a philosophy and way of life that can be used to create what you truly desire. It is a process for the seeker to free themselves of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts/emotions and other inhibitions. One can then be free to be happy and abundant.


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