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Soul Cleanse

1 hr session – Clear any stuck energies leaving you feeling leaving you feeling revitalized and renewed.

$157 USD

Meet Your Spirit Guides

   1 hr session – Reunite with your spirit guide(s) and recieve a messgage and wisdom. Great for someone who finds it difficult to connect with their guide(s).

$157 US

Akashic Records

      1 hr session – Go into your akashic records to understand your soul-level truth and wisdom related to your past, present and future.

$157 USD

Abundance Mindset

* 3 Hynotherapy Sessions to powerfully understand your money mindset and clear blocks keeping you in old scarcity and lack patterns.

$375 USD

DNA Healing

1 hr session – Connecting to your DNA strands to repair and restore any damage back to it’s higher frquencies.

$157 USD

Ancestral Lineage

1 hr session – Access your ancestoral bloodline to heal and resolve patterns stored in your familial lineage.

$157 USD

Galactic Lifetime

1 hr session – Take a journey into a past lifetime on another planet to understand your soul’s journey more deeply.

$157 USD

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