The Soul’s Perspective on Death

We often see death as a finality, as an ending of something that can never be regained. Working with my past life regression clients, I have a clearer perspective that each soul truly is infinite and immortal.  We can access the wisdom that always remains within our soul to guide and support us in our current life. There is some solace knowing that although this lifetime has ended, the soul carries on knowing it has fulfilled its mission and will continue to the next one when the time comes. As many of my clients have confirmed, for the soul, death is not something “bad” but instead, it can be seen an interlude and expansion from the physical density into higher awareness.

In our human existence, it may be difficult to see the beauty in what happens as our soul leaves the body. However, in my past life hypnotherapy sessions, we see the ease and naturalness of the transition. When leaving the physical body, the soul feels a sense of catharsis upon shedding the physical form. The human experience can be exhausting for the soul and it gets an immediate sense of liberation when the incarnation is over. A few words I often here to describe this transition are “lightness”, “love”, “relief” and “expansion”. It recognizes that the experience was of great significance and is a part of the soul’s journey.

Looking back at their most recent life, the soul recognizes the accomplishments of that lifetime. Most often, it is expressed with a sense of fulfillment, contentment and appreciation. Coming to Earth is often viewed as a playground where a soul gets to have a multitude of experiences in the physical realm. It gets to pick which character it will play, what the major scenes will look like, the play twists and who will be part the supporting cast, with each character playing various roles. There isn’t a fear of death but rather and acceptance, if not and embracement, with gratitude of one script finishing with an opportunity to write a new one. After the curtains are closed, each soul deserves a standing ovation for everything it had undertaken.

There can be a sadness for leaving their loved one behind but that is always overturned because the soul knows that each soul has its own plan and destiny. Instead, the soul focuses on transitioning to the light and recognizing all the knowledge and wisdom it has gained. It reflects back and is thankful to the other souls in the lifetime for the strengthening of bonds and all it has learned because of them. The soul is aware that certain souls will continue into other lifetimes as they are part of the same soul family. Therefore, there is always an unbreakable energetic connection that sustains this special relationship.


As a soul having a human experience, we can think about how we can live our lives to the fullest. To really know what is the most important to you and stand fully behind it. To be your authentic self, knowing that this is what you had asked to experience. To create an environment that allows your soul to thrive. To treat your mind body and spirit with kindness knowing that the soul flourishes there. 

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